Thursday, February 7, 2008

Squeezed by a 9-year-old

The New York Times has posted a new bridge column. How would you play 6NT as South on these cards?
Click the article to find out!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

[Some of] the news that's fit to print...

Why, hello there!

As is evidenced by my activity on my other blog, I love the game of bridge. I'm perfectly awful at it, but I am absolutely fanatical about it just the same. I can't help but imagine that I could've been a much better player had I been able to have more exposure to the game prior to now. At the very least, I would've had a ton more fun!

I also am mildly interested in chess. Through the wonders of RSS, I keep pace with a couple of chess blogs just for kicks. The most active one, by far, is Susan Polgar's blog. One of the great things about Susan's blog is how she uses it to promote the game she loves. She collects and posts numerous mentions of chess in the news along with tournament results, player interviews, puzzles, and other cool stuff.

My question is, why can't we bridge players do the same? Could we create a clearinghouse site where we aggregate cool 'bridge sightings', links to articles, discussion of bidding gadgets, and/or posting of great plays or results? I think we can, and I'd like this blog to be a shot at it.

2 main goals:
  1. To give the bridge-playing public a site where they can keep up with the game they love.
  2. To present bridge to the uninitiated and encourage people to give the game a try.
To do this, I/we need your help. There is so much going on in the bridge world that I need help keeping on top of it all. So, if you see a cool story, a neat hand, or a cool resource, I'd ask that you get it to me (see below*).

Suggestions for posts might include:
So, if you want to help, please do! If you want to just read, welcome!

* I have put up a "Gimme links!" post here. If you have a neat link, you can post it in a comment and I'll get to it. Otherwise, you can email kungfuchkn -at- gmail (dot you-know-what). Note that not everything can or will get posted.

Give to me your links!

If you have a bridge-related link that you'd like to see posted on this blog, simply leave a comment below or email kungfuchkn -at- gmail dot 'com'.